Fix TweakBox Unable to Download/Install/Not Working Issues

In this guide we will discuss how to fix TweakBox Unable to Download/Install/Not Working and other similar issues. TweakBox has been an important app for Android and iOS devices as there you can download a plethora of paid apps for complete free.

However, there are many people who are facing with TweakBox problems or issues which sometimes are very annoying. According to some reports users have been facing with TweakBox won’t download/install apps issues and I’m pretty sure that you might have been faced with this problem as well.

We have contacted TweakBox support about the problems from above and they told us everything about the possible solutions to fix them.

Android: Fix TweakBox Unable to Download/Install/Not Working Issues

  1. Try closing all background apps of your Android phone with force. This can be arrived by tapping the left menu button and there will be a list will all apps that are in use. Now, swipe them one by one or click on the X icon.
  2. If you have connected many phones on the same router disconnect all phone and connect your phone first.
  3. Perform a soft reset by turning your phone off and then on. For those who do not know a Soft Reset can fix software related issues which means that solve many simple problems on your phone, especially if the phone has been turned on for a long period of time and has not been power cycled for a while.
  4. If you are using WiFi try to use 3G or 4G instead. If your device doesn’t have 3G, please try to use another network and see if it works.

iOS: Fix TweakBox Unable to Download/Install/Not Working Issues

  1. Close all background apps by pressing the home button twice and close them one by one as on Android phones.
  2. Try to Reset network settings on your iOS smartphone. You can do easily that by navigating to Settings ->General -> Reset -> Reset network settings.

I hope the problems you have had before with TweakBox such as Won’t Download/Install/Not Working issues are solved now. If in case you have any question use the comments box. We will try to assist you as soon as possible.



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